Some of the Tricks Performed During a Show:
  • I cut someone in half by pulling a rope through their body. The rope can be examined before and after it goes through the person.
  • I pour milk into a newspaper cone and then pour it onto a volunteer’s head.
  • If they are older kids I cut someone’s arm off.
  • For younger kids I show a metal circle which changes into a square, another circle which changes into a triangle, and three metal circles which change into one big circle.
  • I change a $1.00 bill into a $100.00 bill without taking it out of your sight for even a second.
  • I do some card tricks with audience participation.
  • I explain about the black hole in the universe and show a black hole I made. The hole has a window in the front so you can see in at all times. Many things come out of the black hole, including a rabbit.
  • In some shows besides a rabbit, two doves also appear.
  • I have a wooden statue named Freddy. I explain how he was so forgetful that his mother would tell him, "If your head wasn't attached to your shoulders you'd forget your head too". And sure enough, his head wasn't attached and it came off and disappeared. His head is replaced with a balloon and after some time the balloon breaks and his head reappears.
  • I also do some mind reading. The older the audience the more mind reading I do.
  • My shows are a lot of magical fun for the whole family.

For more information please call: (860) 289-7252


The price ranges from $175 to $500 depending on:

  • distance traveled
  • duration of show
  • use of rabbit and dove
  • size of audience
  • sound system
  • venue

All shows are entertaining for the whole family, recommended for children 5 years and older.

A deposit is required to reserve the date and time of your show. If you cancel at least thirty days prior to the scheduled date of the show, your deposit will be refunded. If you cancel less than thirty days prior to the scheduled date, you forfeit your deposit.

Please call 860-289-7252 for exact pricing.

15 minutes of magic instruction can be added following a show for an additional cost of $25. Participants should be six years of age or older. We demonstrate simple magic tricks geared toward the age of the audience.